$150 per session

$150 per session
Fees are payable by Cash or
Credit Card.
Please note credit card payments incur a 2% fee.
The Counselling Clinics standard fee is $150 per session. A cancellation policy applies. Fees are payable by Cash, or Credit Card. Please note credit card payments incur a 2% fee.

Prepayment of blocks of sessions may incur a discount. Contact the Counselling Clinic to discuss this option further.

All sessions are 50 minutes and reasonable effort is made to keep them at the same time each week in order to provide consistency and continuity. Where desired, the Counselling Clinic can also offer Skype or telephone counselling options. In exceptional circumstances, home visits can be offered and 50% fee increase and travel expenses will be incurred. Skype/video conferencing or phone counselling may act as a more economical alternative. Contact the Counselling Clinic to discuss this further.

If you have any further questions, want to know more about our work or are ready to make an appointment, please contact the Counselling Clinic on 02 6294 8013 or via email.
The initial session is an opportunity for you to get to know your therapist and talk about what brings you to therapy, any goals you may have, or how you think therapy could help you. Your clinician will use this time to inform you of the processes and to conduct an initial assessment. Throughout this process, your clinician will explore your situation, identify your strengths and resources and any other support systems that you may need. At the end of the session they will offer some recommendations and with you develop a plan for future sessions.
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If you are wondering if this is the right place take some time to consider the following questions:

  • Do you feel stuck in your current life circumstances?
  • Do you experience intense feelings of sadness, hopelessness or helplessness?
  • Do you experience unwanted thoughts or feelings of worry or fear?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are at the right place. Be assured that change is possible and that the therapy we offer can be a very helpful process.

Simply complete the form or call us on 02 6294 8013 and we can begin the journey together.
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The Counselling Clinic was conceived to make in-depth counselling and psychotherapy services benefits known and easily accessible and available to the broader community.

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