Do I require Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Are you in need of expert counselling services? Should you opt for psychotherapy? To find out, you’ll first have to understand what counselling and psychotherapy entail. While the two terms may sound quite similar, there are a few very important distinctions.


Counselling and psychotherapy are both sets of practices that help people increase their self-awareness and adopt positive changes in their lives. A counselling expert, Australia, works with clients to build a relationship, identify the biggest problems and choose the therapeutic approach that will deliver the best results. Together, a psychological counselling professional and a client work on pinpointing personal, interpersonal and mental health issues.
Do I require counselling or Psychotherapy

Numerous elements must be taken in consideration for a psychological counselling session to deliver the desired results. A few of the biggest essentials include:

  • The therapist’s training and approach to therapy
  • Understanding the client’s specific needs (which is dependent on trust and open communication between counsellor and client)
  • The cultural and the social contexts that determine the client’s lifestyle and patterns of thinking
  • Gender, sexual orientation, nationality, social status, economic status, spirituality and upbringing of the client (among many other socioeconomic factors must be taken intoconsideration)
  • The nature of the problem: long-term, short-term, personal, relationship-based, etc.
While these are the characteristics that psychotherapy and counselling have in common, there are several important distinctions between the two. Let’s take a deeper look at the two therapeutic approaches and the situations in which each one can be applied.

Everything You Need to Know about Counselling

Counselling is one of the two common types of psychological interventions (psychotherapy being the other one). Usually, it is a short-term approach that focuses on a specific issue or a specific goal a client sets for themselves.

Counselling can be employed to overcome issues like a current relationship problem, a personal development shortcoming, a work issue or an overall dissatisfaction with personal performance.

The aim of the mental health counsellor is to help clients identify the specific life issue they are facing, the impact that is having on their lives and the best coping strategy. The goal of the counsellor is to introduce clients to the strategies and help them acquire new skills for overcoming problems.

Counselling can be administered by people who have specialised in the field, as well as by psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists.

What is Psychotherapy?

Unlike counselling, psychotherapy is a long-term approach. Through psychotherapy, therapists and clients identify the inner problems that stands in the way of personal growth, happiness, improved mental health and work on a sustainable process for overcoming the issue.

Psychotherapy provides clients with relief from their disorders and can reduce comorbidities like anxiety or depression. In addition, the therapeutic approach helps clients understand their backgrounds and their connections to mental health issues, develop realistic expectations for the future, increase self-confidence and self-awareness, develop personal strength and increase clients’capacity to handle negative emotions or problems in the future.

Through psychotherapy, clients learn how to deal with life’s difficulties and improve their overall mental resilience.

Do I Need Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Should you work with a mental health counsellor who focuses on a single issue or a psychotherapist who offers a more in-depth approach to mental health? This is a common question, but from the clients’ perspective, the choice is not very important.

What matters the most in a clients’ journeys toward improved mental health is selecting a counsellor or psychotherapist with whom they feel comfortable. This mental health professional needs to have the experience to offer clients an array of therapeutic approaches. Through a simple conversation, experienced mental health professionals pinpoint the clients’ issues and determine the type of treatment for a successful outcome.

Before beginning your journey toward better mental health, it’s good to ask yourself several questions to narrow the search for a counsellor or psychotherapist. Are you attempting to overcome one specific problem or issue? Is your problem relatively recent or new? In this case, counselling may be the best fit. Do you have a pattern of problems or negative occurrences that re-emerge in your life, time and time again? Do you have past trauma or a history of problematic relationships? Do you seek to understand yourself and your capacities beyond your current problems? Positive answers to these questions could be indicative of a need for a more in-depth psychotherapeutic approach. Once you and your counsellor or therapist have decided on a treatment method, you’ll develop a treatment plan together. As the patient, you’re in charge of your care. As the counsellors and therapists, we’re your top-shelf support team and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Do You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Even if you don’t know what type of assistance to choose, you’ve taken an important step: you realise that your issue is too big to grapple with on your own. This realisation is the first and the most important step in a healing process. Maintain that momentum by setting up your first appointment with one of our professional counsellors or expert psychotherapists.

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