Supervision & Mentoring

Psychological counselling and psychotherapy are highly specialised fields. All professionals working in these areas require the supervision and the mentoring of an expert with years of experience.



What is Professional Supervision and Mentoring?

Clinical supervision is required for professionals who plan to work as psychologists, registered counsellors, social workers and psychotherapists. Like any professional service, supervisors and mentors receive an honorarium for their role in shaping the next generation of mental health professionals. This remuneration is calculated from the mentor’s usual hourly rate.

Experienced professionals work together with supervisees who want to build or maintain a career in the field of psychological counselling. Together, they explore professional challenges and maintain professional standards.

The Benefits of Supervision and Mentoring

Supervision and mentoring in the field of psychological counselling can produce a range of benefits, the most important of which are:

  • A better understanding and support around the work with clients from a professional
  • Debriefing about workplace challenges
  • Consultations on challenging cases or situations
  • Development of better, more practical counselling skills
  • Support and leadership with ethical issues
  • A higher level of client retention
  • Better communication among colleagues, staff and clients
  • The introduction of new therapeutic strategies or processes 

Obviously, learning from somebody else’s practical experience will be quite different from acquiring theoretical knowledge. Together, these learning approaches will maintain a therapists’ skills and the focus needed to successful work with clients.

Choosing the Right Supervisor Is Crucial

The relationship between supervisor and supervisee is important for the pairing to be successful. Matching the two must be done on both personal and professional levels to avoid costly and time-consuming issues further into the working relationship.

If you are interested in professional supervision or mentoring, you should consider contacting the Counselling Clinic. When you do, a free consultation will be scheduled. This is your chance to ask questions and learn more about becoming a supervisee, the support we offer and learn a bit more about the mentoring process.

Building a successful career depends on many factors but training, support and gaining professional experience rank among the most important. If you’re trying to establish yourself in a highly competitive niche, ongoing learning and support is of uttermost importance. Fortunately, you can easily benefit from such an opportunity by getting in touch with The Counselling Clinic’s team.

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